Do Not Disturb please?

Being away from home has been challenging. More than that, I also found it hard since I have this King size bed and no one to fill it with me. I told my wife Jane before I left that I would be hunting while away. She wished me luck with a smile and a kiss.

Unfortunately I worked like a dog the first week, by the weekend I was bone tired. Plus I was getting horny. The women I have seen down here were very attractive. Even the dating sites (although they do have a problem with roaming from your home town) had some very interesting people. After a long day I settled into my big lonely bed and searched.

Of the few women I found, one did stand out. An Asian woman who from the first picture caught my eye. Looking through her profile I was intrigued and after reading all of her questions (she filled in a lot), so I decided to send her a message. Her answers were humorous with the comments she made for some of them. I sent a few more messages to a few others and then settled in with a drink and movie. I never get quick replies on those sites.

Not too long of a time later I got a reply from her. Chatting those first few minutes was nice since the conversation flowed easily. So much easier to talk to someone and not have a one sided conversation. Off and on we chatted and got to know each other. She didn’t mind my situation and actually had questions about it.

We continued talking the next day, getting to know each other a bit more. I provided my blog for her to read since it does cover some topics about the lifestyle. By the third day I was hoping to see her but knew she was not looking for a hookup. Even just meeting her would be fun, since I also enjoyed learning about some of the customs that she did. As always I let the woman steer so they decided what they want to do. I am easy that way.

Ironically she had a date planned and wouldn’t break it since it wouldn’t be fair. I agreed with her but she then offered to meet me after. I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement and said sure. She asked what hotel I was at and I relayed the information. My mind then started to process what she just asked. Does she want too fuck? Would a woman meet a guy for the first time in a hotel room?  I even asked my wives this, and they both said good luck.  No matter how many questions I had, she was coming over so I guess I will find out.

Since we started talking she had advised me of the bad experiences she had had on the dating sites, and with that she had some trust issues. I am at a loss on how to act. Unsure if it is going to lead to sex, I shower and shave just in case. Once all dressed I sit and wait, sipping on my whiskey, my brain racing with possibilities. Receiving the occasional text from one of my wives saying “good luck” and “is she there yet?”  My phone chirps and it is from her, let’s call her Lilly, “I’m here.” before I could respond another message pops up. “I’m in the lobby.”

I quickly grab my pass card and head to the lobby.  Nervous, excited and curious has me walking at a brisk pace.  Once I get down to the lobby I see a short woman on her phone looking away from me.  I figure it is her since no one else is there.  “Lilly,” I question as she turns around and confirm by her face that it is her.

“You butt dialed me, ” she giggles.

“I did?” looking at my phone.  “Considering that it is in my front pocket, I think more like I cock called you.”

She smiles and moves towards me.  I turn and lead the way to my room, asking how the drive was and her date.  By the time I get to the room I feel nervous.  Swiping the card the door pops open and we enter.  I close the door behind her and lock it.  “Don’t want any interruptions,” as I smile casually.  She takes off her jacket and sits down on the chair at the table.  I debated for a second and then sit across from her in the other chair.

The conversation was easy with her.  She asked about my work, family and how I enjoyed the area.  I talked so much that my mouth started to go dry.  My mind was also racing, not knowing what to expect.  Do I kiss her?  Do I sit here and talk?  I asked about her job and family and it gave me a breather.  Enough to think on what I wanted to happen.  As she was talking I noticed the subtle signs that she was nervous.  After half an hour it went silent.  Both of us just looked at each other.  “The dreaded awkward silence, ” she said and smiled.

“Yes, ” I replied.  Debating for a long time, which was probably only seconds, if I should get up and kiss her.  At this point I realized she is still nervous.  “So how long have you been divorced?”  This carried into another conversation, her dating experiences and how she has trust issues now.  Hearing all of this I am kind of glad that I didn’t make any moves, although I really wanted to.  As she finished talking about her kids she mentions, “I promised the kids I would be home by 10, what time is it?”

My heart sank.  I knew it was close to ten, my old kitchen timer instincts kicked in.  I glance at my phone, “Two minutes to ten.”

“Gotta go, ” as she gets up and grabs her coat.

Grabbing mine I put it on and grab the pass card I dropped on the table earlier.  “I will walk you out.”  I didn’t want it to to end.

We head down the hallway, silent in our thoughts.  We spent the past hour talking, no contact, no mention of sex just talking.  I was disappointed.  Not expecting it to happen, but was hoping something would.  Not sure if I will see her again I decided the good night kiss is worth a shot.  She was nervous, but I really enjoyed my time with her.

As we headed outside I asked a few simple questions, and by the time we got to her car I figure it was now or never.  “Thanks for coming over, it was fun.”

“It was, I have really enjoyed talking to you the past few days, and this was nice.”

I move forward and she moved closer as well.  My hands wrapped around her as I kissed her gently on the lips.  I stopped and then kissed her again and our tongues slipped out and teased each other.  Then pulling her in closer, I let my tongue snake into her mouth and she whimpered.  Before I knew it, my cock got instantly hard.

As we separated I shifted the bulge in my pants, since it was uncomfortable being rock hard and sideways.  She looked at me questioning, and I groaned for a second, “Sorry, cock is hard now.”

“Oh, sorry,” as she moves towards the drivers door.

“No you aren’t, ” as I smiled. She smiled back and hopped into her car.  “Let me know when you get home, okay?”

“I will, good night.”


She drove off, and I felt down.  I didn’t want it to end.  Actually I had a lot of fun chatting with her.  And what I didn’t realize that the I have missed physical contact.  Seems that she has started my engine and I wanted more.

That evening I chatted with my wives, and then Lilly again.  Late into the night I talked and I explained to her that I had a really good time and wish I could see her again.  She replied with her schedule and said that all the evenings are booked.  Pouting at my phone, I then formulated a plan.  My work currently is starting to slow down, where I could in theory work from the hotel.  If that is the case, then possibly I could have her over during her day off.

I sent a quick message to her, outlining if I could get the morning free would she be interested.  Immediately she responded “YES”.  With this in mind, I went back to work figuring out the how to make it happen.  Surprisingly after a little bit of luck things fell into place and I could work from the hotel for the next few days.  I was nervous in asking her over since I didn’t want to think I was just asking her over for sex.  Well, I was to a degree but still I didn’t want to insult her.

She was excited about seeing me again.  We confirmed the time and then I just had to be patient.  It was only the next day, but still my mind didn’t stop thinking about it up until she arrived.  How do I act?  Do I kiss her right away?  Do we talk first?  I tend to go through all scenarios in my head, not wanting to miss any possibility.  We already confirmed that this was for physical companionship, although I didn’t want to make any assumptions on how far it would go.  For the few short days that I have known her I really enjoyed getting to know her.  She made me laugh and provided a distraction from being so far from home.  My wife had her new boyfriend over for the first time while I have been away and had sex recently, and she craved the reconnection.  I understood what she meant by that after my kiss with Lilly.  The physical contact is something that my body and mind craved.

Surprisingly the time flew by faster than I thought, and with work being from the hotel I was able to login around 5 am and get some work done.  I had about 3 hours before she could arrive at the earliest, so I set to getting some of the things done that were left over from the previous few days that I didn’t have time for.  I got a message not to long before the time she was going to arrive saying she is leaving.  Grabbing a quick shower and changing back into my casual bumming around pants I waited.

Phone chirped again, “I’m here.”

Typing quickly, “Do you want me to come get you?”

She responds, “No I can come up.”

Smiling, I confirmed the room number that I was in, and I then started to get really nervous.  This is going to happen.  Guess I still get surprised when things actually work out.

It wasn’t long until I heard the knock at my door.  I opened it with an inviting smile, “Hi.”

“Hi.  Nice pj’s, ” she commented.

“Well I don’t have to go into work so might as well be comfortable.”  I invite her in and put out the do not disturb sign.  I closed the door and locked it just to ensure our privacy.  I sat down on the bed and we chit chatted briefly while she took off her boots and jacket.  Within minutes I had her in my arms and my lips were searching for hers.

Kissing and groping my hands roamed her body, exploring every inch of it.  She whimpered with every kiss and I felt her hands exploring as well.  We separated briefly as I turned her around and pushed her gently onto the bed.  Climbing on top of her I kissed her some more, and then moved to her neck.  Nibbling and kissing, I heard her whimpers and gasps.  My hard cock pressed into her as I focused on her neck.

Her hands roamed my body as I switched sides and focused on the other side of the neck.  Her breathing, quiet whimpers and occasional gasp helped direct me to areas that were getting her aroused.  I moved down to her chest and popped one breast out of her bra.  My mouth covered her nipple, and I realized that it probably is one of the bigger ones that I have ever had in my mouth.  I sucked on it.  Teased it.  Worked it as hard as she could handle it.  Moaning her hands moved to my head with her fingers running through my short hair.  Sliding over to her other boob I popped it out and focused my attention on her nipple.

I stood up, and removed my pants, my hard cock standing at attention.  She proceeded to sit up and remove her bra.  My hands slid to her pants, and I slowly removed them.  Naked now on the bed, I looked at her and admired her body.  It is toned from her dancing, her nipples standing erect.  Her bare pussy looked so inviting.  I moved forward and noticed that her belly button is pierced.  I slid down and kissed the inside of her thighs.  Moving from one to the other, I kissed up and then slid my tongue along her pussy lips.  She gasped as my tongue found her clit and I started to give it attention.  I licked it rapidly, as I tried to find the right spot to give it the proper attention.  I must have been doing something right as her legs moved and her hands slid down to my head and gently held it.

She tasted so good, as I continued to flick and suck her clit.  She started to moan a little,  but not too loud.  I figured I should try to change the volume.  I slid a finger into her pussy, it was tight and it almost gripped it right as it went in.  Moving it in and out I found what I was looking for, the elusive g-spot.  I massaged this with each thrust, I could feel her building up to an orgasm.  My tongue worked its magic as my finger continued to finger fuck her to a climax.  Her vocals got louder, “yes,” she almost screamed, as she was coming close to exploding.  Not to much longer and she arched her back and her pussy gripped my finger with vice like force as she came all over my finger.  Smiling to myself I looked up at her as she is trying to control her breathing.

I moved up to kiss her, her arms wrapped around me.  My cock pressed up against her leg.  “Do you have any protection?” she asked.

“Yes, ” I replied as I separated from her arms, and head off to bathroom to get them.

“Hold on.  Come here for a second,” as her eyes hungrily look at my erect cock bouncing as I walk to the bathroom.

I glanced down, “Okay, but let me get the condoms first.”  Quickly grabbing a handful I head back to the bed.  Tossing them on the nightstand I laid down and she moved between my thighs.

“This might sound a bit weird, but when was the last time you were tested?”  Her hands trailed along my thighs, as her eyes hungrily looked at my cock.

“Good question, ” I responded.  Never in my time in the lifestyle have I had a girl in the middle foreplay stop and ask me this.  My respect for her had grown more.  It also made me think about it since most men would have just said recently.  I can’t, it is not in me to do that, and she has trusted me to so much so quickly lying would destroy it all.  “My wife was tested a few years ago.”

“And what about you?” she replied.  She stopped her actions and looked right at me.

“It has been a while.”

“Well that limits what I can do.”  She smiled, “although there are some things that I can do still.”  Her mouth lowered and moved up along my thigh to my nut sac where she proceeded to play with them.  One then the other she teased them with her mouth.  Gently sucking and massaging them.  Groans escaped my lips from the sensation.  Her hand stroked my cock, as precum started to make an appearance at the tip.

She continued her attention on my cock and bag.  Hands only my shaft, with her mouth touching everything but my cock.  I swore my cock got bigger if that was even possible.  She looked up at me and smiled, and then leaned over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom.  Ripping it open she proceeded to put it on my cock.  I watched as she put it on, but suddenly she did a quick jerk and my eyes went wide open.  With a huge grin on her face, she proceeded to apply the condom with sudden jerks on my cock.  I’d never had anyone make putting a condom on also be a tease at same time.

As she finished rolling the condom down she then sat up and proceeded to guide it into her wet pussy.  She slowly slid it in and buried it all the way.  She let out a whimper as it went all the way in.  She then proceeded to ride my cock.  Slowly, looking at me she moved up and down on my hard cock.  One of her hands on my chest and the other on my thigh.  My cock felt so good inside her.  My hips started to move in rhythm with her.  My lust started to take over and I pumped my cock in and out of her faster as she braced herself.  Her whimpers and moans echoing off the walls.  She seemed to be controlling herself and I wanted her to let go.  Bracing her hands on my chest and thigh she took my cock pumping in and out of her.

Wanting more I stopped moving and motion her on to her back.  She laid down and her legs spread open as I positioned myself between them.  My cock slipped into her pussy easily as it buries deep within her.  She moaned as I fuck her deep and hard.  I pounded my cock in and out of her, as the sounds of slapping skin echo off the walls.  I heard faint noises in the hallway and all I can think about is making this sexy lady scream.  “Cum for me,” I said.  “You are so close, CUM FOR ME.”

Her body tensed up more and her pussy started to grip my cock.  Feeling her get closer as her panting and moaning got louder.  She is so close, I started to fuck her faster, if that is possible, making my cock go as deep and fast as I could.  Her legs wrapped around me and her arms pulled me in close as she started to lose control.  She tensed up and let out a silent scream as she came hard.  Quivering slightly as I my cock continued to move in and out of her.  Not wanting to let her stop cumming, I continued to fuck her.  Her face is contorted with pleasure and she is still moaning with each thrust.  I am not ready to finish yet so I fucked her longer.  “Can you cum again?” I asked as I relentlessly fucked her.  Nodding and mouth open with moans and whimpers, she beared down on my cock.

Not to much longer, she came again and with it I could feel myself get closer.  Surprisingly she seemed to sense it and I hear “Cum for me now.”  Her eyes are looked into mine and I could feel that she wanted to feel me cum.  Spurred by her words I fucked her hard and fast.  Arching her back, her head leans back as I pounded her pussy longer.  Her hands roamed my back as the nails dug in and dragged along my spine.  Feeling my balls build up, I know I am close.  I braced myself and worked that towards cumming inside her.  Suddenly I felt it, the wall building up and then crashing down rapidly, and I groaned with pleasure as my cock exploded and cum streamed out of it.  Pumping continuously in her, I made sure my cock emptied into the condom as she wrapped her arms around me, and I collapse on top of her.

Breathing heavily I kissed her neck and then her lips gently.  She kissed me back and smiled.  For the few days that I had talked to this lady I didn’t expect to be in bed with her.  I slowly rolled off of her and propped my head up on my elbow.  “Really glad I met you,” I say looking at her eyes.

Her smile got bigger, “Me too.”  She snuggled into me and we chatted about our lives, dating and the pitfalls of men.  She has not had it easy.  I was surprised on how something I can see as a line by a guy was not caught by her.  She has not dated in a long time so I can see why she might have some issues.  I covered the basics on what a line is and how it should be perceived.

Her hand started to wander again and my cock sprang to life.  Not to much longer I am between her legs again eating her out and making her cum again.  This lead to me bent her over and fucked her doggie style.  Her moans going into the pillow as I pounded my cock in to her pussy again making her close to cumming.  As I rolled her over I advised her that I probably won’t be cumming this time and she nodded as I made sure she came again.  Hearing noises in the hallway again during this I wondered,” how much can they hear from the door?”  Not caring, I continued my attention on making her cum again, which she did.  By this point my cock has said enough and I laid down beside her again and chatted.

A good night
A good night

She was aglow.  Beaming.  Radiant.  Cumming always seems to make the woman glow.  One reason why I love making women cum.  We talked more about the lifestyle this time and after a while she realized it was late.  She need to go and do some errands.  Not before I took her again and this time I cummed which surprised even me.  Getting dressed I proceeded to escort her to the car.  I really didn’t want it to end, but I did have work to get done.  Surprisingly I didn’t get any interruptions during the time so I am thankful of that.

Over the day we chit chatted some more.  I connected with Lilly and I really want to see more of her.  The only reason why we had time in the morning is because she was off.  Her evenings are pretty busy.  During the afternoon we discussed how we wanted to see each other again.  She surprised me by saying that she should be done her class not too late tonight, if she could come over.  I jumped at the chance and said sure.

That afternoon and evening I worked like a dog, ordered food in, and continued to work up until Lilly showed up.  She arrived looking not much different than the morning.  We chatted while she took of her boots and then her socks.  Not soon after that we were in each others arms, kissing and groping.  It didn’t take long to realize we were a bit over dressed and the clothes came off pretty quick.  Navigating her to the bed I pushed her down gently as I continued to explore her again with my tongue and hands.  Then an idea came to my head.

I got up and walked over to the ice bucket, that I have been using to keep my whiskey cool.  I pulled out a shaved ice cube I took it into my mouth.  As I moved towards Lilly her eyes got a little wide as I proceeded to take the ice cube that was held between my lips, and traveled it around her one nipple then her other.  I traced it around her breasts and then down to her navel, past the piercing and then along her thighs.  Her moans were quiet but I could tell she was enjoying this.

Feeling the heat from her pussy I figured it should be cooled off.  The ice cube I had was almost melted so I put it in my mouth and went to get another one.  Making sure it was a decent size I proceeded to trace it around her clit, down her lips and back up again.  It was melting fairly fast so I made sure to collect some of the ice cold water and slipped it inside her too.  Her hands grabbed the bed as I continued to cool her hot pussy off with the ice cube.

As the last of the ice cube melted I found my way up to her mouth and kissed her.  My hard cock pressed up against her.  I wanted to fuck her badly and I rolled off of her to get a condom.  Once wrapped I proceeded to guide my cock into her.  I fucked her to another orgasm and I came not to long after her.  In the short amount of time that I have known her I really didn’t want to miss any opportunities.  I am only here for another day and then I am off to see my wife.  Which by the way, was told to wear skirt and no panties to the airport when she picked me up.

We talked some more, just idle chit chat with the odd question about the lifestyle thrown in.  She is starting to wonder more about the lifestyle and if it is for her.  She is so impressed on how open we are, both with our feelings and sharing.  Trying to understand this has been something she has touched on a few times since we have talked and with that I have tried to answer everything that she has asked.

Knowing that I have now cum a few times in the last 24 hrs there is not much chance of me cumming again.  Limitations of men can be a pain, but doesn’t mean I couldn’t have a hard cock again.  Not to much longer and my cock had life again.  Pulling out a condom , I got it on my cock she proceeded to ride me.  She slipped my cock between her lips and buried it all the way in.  Grinding and fucking my cock while I played with her nipples.  She then changed positions and shifted her feet up like she is going to be a catcher in a baseball game, and bounced up and down on my cock.  She moaned as she enjoyed the feeling of my cock deep inside her.  Each bounce emitted another moan.

Wanting to have my turn at fucking her, I tell her to get off of me and bend over.  She hopped off the bed and bent over onto it, exposing her sexy ass.  Without hesitating I moved behind her and slipped my cock in.  Her hands clenched into fists of the bed covers as my cock pounded into her.  Her long hair flowed along her back and to the side as her head is slightly turned so I can hear each moan with each thrust of my cock into her.  “Damn this is hot,” I think,  having not realized before that seeing a woman bent over a bed gripping the sheets actually turned me on.  The feeling of pleasing the woman is paramount to me.  If I don’t feel like I am doing that, then it is not enjoyable to me.  Looking down at this sexy creature getting fucked by my cock and her getting off on it is hot and sexy.

After a little bit I pull out and motioned her to get on the bed.  “Have you tried this position?” she asked.  I look and see that she is on her side with one leg up.

“Nope, but I will try anything once.”

Moving so that my cock is ready to enter her I pushed my hips forward as I held her leg.  It slid in easily, and I started to move my hips.  The difference with this position is that the hips are doing all the work, and it is more work since you can’t leverage your body.  Felt damn good and from the moaning she enjoyed it as well.  I knew there was no way I was cumming so after a few minutes of that I pulled out and my semi hard cock basically said “enough”.  I laid back onto the bed and she cuddled right in beside me.  Breathing together we laid there silently for a few minutes.

“I will want to see you again,” I said out loud.

“And I want to see you too,” she replies as she looked up at me.

“We will make it work.  Maybe in the fall.  Or maybe during the summer.  Just have to find the time,” I paused for a second, “and funds.”

“I know.  I want to meet your wife,” she smiled.  “I have enjoyed chatting to her as well and want to get to know her.”

“Good, you two would get along well, maybe too well,” grinning I pull her in and hug her close.

We chatted some more about possible plans, what could work and what wouldn’t.  Then she looked over at the clock and said she has to go, she needed to get home to the kids.  I pouted briefly as she got up and headed to the washroom to clean up.  I followed not long after and hugged her from behind.  “Damn adult responsibilities,” she said.

As she is walking out of the room I stated, “they do suck, but they also allow this.” As I push her face down onto the bed and start to kiss her neck.  She moaned and I continued kiss her neck and proceeded to do the other side, as I brushed her hair out of the way.  My cock grew hard pressing up between her legs.  “I want to fuck you,” I said into her ear.

“You do have condoms,” she replied as she rolled over legs spread, inviting my cock to be buried into her.

“Of course,” leaning over, I grabbed another one.  Slipping it on quickly I mounted her.

I am not holding back and proceeded to pound it into her hard.  She is getting louder with each thrust as I felt myself building up.  I wanted her to cum one last time, since I won’t be seeing her again until who knows when.  Pumping and fucking I worked my magic, trying to find the spot that will push her over the edge.  She is close, her moans got louder and her head started to lean back.  I felt myself building now, which I didn’t expect and I continued the same position.  “I really wanted to fuck you,” I say as she started to cum.  Her body arched and shifted the position enough that it hits my sweet spot.  I pump a few more times, the walls came down rapidly and I groaned and grunted as I pumped my semen into her.  As we both are coming down, she looked at me.

“Thought you said you wouldn’t be cumming again,” she said with inquisitive eyes.

“Me too, ” I replied with a shy smile, “although not complaining.”  Kissing on her the lips we embraced and then I let her up so she can get dressed to go home.

Mixed emotions fills me.  I didn’t want her to leave but I know has to.  Knowing that I am going home tomorrow also has me twisted up a bit.  The time I have spent with her has been amazing.  Never expected to find someone down her that I connect so well with.  My luck as usual, since I can’t find anyone local but anywhere else in the world and it seems I am good at connecting.

She finished dressing and I quickly put on pj pants and sweat jacket and we embraced.  “Safe drive,” as I pulled back and kiss her on the lips one last time.

“I will, text you when I get home,” she stated as we separate and she headed to the door.

“I will be up, working.”

And with that she is out the door and off down the hallway headed home.  Closing the door, I looked around the room.  The bed covers were messed up and you could smell sex in the room.  Doesn’t help my overactive mind.  Pouring another drink I sat down and looked at the laptop screen.  No one noticed that I was gone again.  Almost seems too perfect.  Looking down at my drink, swirling it around letting the ice melt and dilute the whiskey, I thought about heading home tomorrow.  Reconnecting has been something we need after our dates, and right now I needed to hug my wife.

Typing a quick text to my wives, letting them know I had fun and she has left I turned back to the laptop screen.  Time to get some work done, I only have tonight and tomorrow morning to work and there is some stuff I needed to get done.  Focusing on that it help keep my mind off of the new friend that I have made.  A close friend, one that hopefully I will see again soon.

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