Dating Landscape

So the last new girl that I have met and been with physically is about Feb.  This is a long time for me, since it is one of my little fetishes.  New blood is hard to come by and lately it appears that it will be a while yet.  I have reviewed the dating sites off and on with no regularity.  What I have found is basically, well nothing.  I have sent out a few messages with no responses.  No interest on playing the odds and sending out hundreds of messages in the hopes of getting one back.  Not to mention it is time-consuming and frustrating.

With the recent hack of Ashley Madison it also puts new light on something that I found out a while ago when I did some research on another dating site.  Majority of the women are fake.  So in all honesty why would I want to even continue on the dating sites with this new information.  Hard enough being a guy trying to meet like mind women.  Even harder when the applications are working against you.  Unlike the bars that took money from men and women got in for free, at least you saw women there.  Well not that many, but point is that you know they aren’t fake or at least you hope they aren’t.

That leads into my second point.  Going out to meet women.  Much like going out on a date it can get very expensive.  Unlike everyone else in the world, it appears to be anyways, I am not made of money.  This also doesn’t cover on where to go.  There are some meet ups on fetlife that we have been meaning to go to but timing has just not worked out of late.  Hopefully that will change soon, but it still involves spending some cash.  This is not like the old days “You have to spend money to make money,” since I am not going to make any money.  Heck even going out I am not good at cold approaches to women.  Never have been.  Like minded interests is what gets me in, and without that information I am pretty much a shadow in the corner.

I have the few girls that I still talk too and even see on occasion.  The numbers are less with dynamic changes over the past few months.  Funny that while I was in Chicago my girlfriend pointed out a hot chick on the train ride.  No way that I could chase her, out of my league and I was with my girl friend but it did put a smile on my face.  All of my girls know that I like new blood.  Crave it at times.  They never question it and I am grateful for that.

This year started off with a bang and over the past eight months has slowly gone down hill.  Hopefully the coming weeks things change for the better and not just in the girl department.  Work, family and other aspects have been coming to a head for a while and with a little luck things will change.  I am trying to be positive and keep my chin up.  Being worn down over past six months has not helped.  My stress has been extremely high with the complications of late and it has not helped my focus. It also hasn’t helped my sex drive either.  One thing that I do remember back when we got my oldest pregnant that no stress makes for a much better love life.  With high stress you might as well forget about sex.

Both Krystalla and myself have been under a lot of stress of late and in the next few months I hope that it reduces a lot.  Summer is almost over and with that a new season.  With that a new start and hopefully some positive changes in the coming months.

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