Chicago weekend

There are times when I travel that I wonder if it is real.  After 5 hours I am in a different city, no cell phone and heading off to my girlfriend’s house.  It seems surreal, and even though I was here in January for work I still recall some of the landmarks and roads.  Hard for me to believe that I am actually here.

The trip went by pretty fast to get to her new place.  She moved not to long ago and the new place is nice.  Bigger then her last apartment but cozy.  After meeting the dust mop again and ensuring that he won’t bother us when we are busy together I made the effort to befriend him.  Twenty minutes later he was my new best friend.  He was asking to play with me while we sat on the couch.  Smiling to myself I focused on my girlfriend, Lilly.  Having only spent a weekend in March and a few days in January together, this would be the first time that we are alone together.  It didn’t take long for things to heat up as we started on the couch and then moved to the bedroom.

Over the weekend it was surreal.  Almost had to pinch myself a few times since I had no contact with my family at home.  Cellphones are not cheap when living in Canada and when roaming in US if you don’t buy a package you really can’t afford to use the phone.  I relied on Wifi the whole time, which is fine when we were at the apartment.  When we went out though I was a little lost.  No GPS.  No texting.  No messaging at all.  It was a disconnect that I had to get used to.  Ironically by the time I was back at the airport I was comfortable with not being connected.  I was bored don’t get me wrong, not able to chat and waste the time away, but at least I was not needing that connection.

I meet her friends on Friday, along with her now primary boyfriend.  It was a relaxing evening with idle conversation and laughter.  I think I passed the test with her girlfriend although I really need to ask Lilly to confirm.  Also met her kids in the morning, and unknown to me I passed with flying colors.  Seeing them on skype before I met them in person is not the same thing.  Maybe because it was more real, and not some person on a screen.

Saturday we ventured into Chicago so I could see the city.  When I was here in January I really didn’t have time to do this and it was something that Lilly really wanted me to experience.  It was a lot of fun and after being on a bus tour of the city I think I need to do that for Toronto when I have a chance.  You get more background and history this way and even though I have lived near Toronto most of my adult life I really own know a few primary locations.

It was a long day and we didn’t get back to the apartment until after midnight.  Not really tired but knowing this was my last night there made me a bit sad.  I was hoping to spend the evening naked with her.  Enjoying each other’s company.  Not that we didn’t cuddle and wait at the train station for the couple of hours until the next one arrived but wanted my alone time with her.  I won’t see her until the fall, once we decide on a time frame, and I wanted to make every minute count when I am with her.

The trip to the airport was uneventful.  The line up to go through security was long which gave us a bit more time before she had to leave me.  It was mostly quiet.  Each of us in our own thoughts on things going back to normal.  The weekend went by so fast that before I knew it was time to go home.  Our last hug and kiss was not long enough and the thought on seeing each other was on our minds.  We briefly looked at flights to Toronto to see price point that morning and hopefully things work out that she will be here sometime in the fall.

I have no idea how things will work out in the fall.  There is timing and scheduling issues, not to mention the cost so hopefully we see each other soon.  Hopefully the quad will finally met her since they only have heard about her since January.  It will work out, much like this long distance relationship, it just take effort.





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