Couples – Boobs, Hands, Cocks… Oh My!

Twitter chatter has brought me back to my first group experience.  For my first with more then two couples since it is a very different dynamic since it is not just a swap.  It was a very unique and surprising experience since it was not actually planned to happen the way it did.  Let me explain. Continue reading Couples – Boobs, Hands, Cocks… Oh My!

The Booty Call – What does it sound like

As you might have read in my last post restless feelings that I am on the hunt for new blood. What I didn’t mention is that I do have a few lingering fwb around still.  My wife approves of most of them but there is one that is not her favourite.  Not because she doesn’t trust her more on her personality traits.

Ironically last week during my crazy work night I talked to her again and she was horny.  She wanted a booty call.  I was at work till 3am so that didn’t work out so I told her we will have to try another night. Continue reading The Booty Call – What does it sound like

That restless feeling

For the past few months I have had urges.  More like wanting something new. For the past year and a half I have been with another couple along with my wife.  Basically I have two wives now (yes twice the drama of the cycles got right).  I love them both but my urge for new blood has been growing.

Don’t get me wrong, the sex is hot and when we have the chance for group play it is great.  My issue is I like change which lies my problem.  I am not freaky and don’t have a fetishis, I just enjoy sex.  My issue is that the rest of the quad (what we call our group) does and it has left me a little on outside. Continue reading That restless feeling