The Bet – Day 1

This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.



My fingers were quickly tapping out the msg “You really want to go through with this” on my iPhone as I hit send.  A whole week?!  That is a long time without sex.  The phone chirps back a response “Yes. Why?  Can’t you handle it?” it read.

He doesn’t know me that well.  When presented with a challenge or a bet, I won’t back down.  “I can handle it, but I doubt you can,” I type back and smile to myself.  Trevor won’t like this.  No sex for him will be just as bad.  Not to mention I just came off my period and all I want is sex and, and he knows it.

“Bring it on,” pops up on my screen.

I giggle and send back, “no problem.”  My eyes glitter for a second,  “You are going down!”

“I plan too,” he responds with a smiley wink at the end.

Dave is such a smart ass.  We have known them now for about two months.  Easy going couple we have really enjoyed spending time with, in and out of the bedroom.  Dave is handsome, with a great body and sexy smile.  His wit was what drew me to him from the beginning.  He is quick and always has a come back, much like Trevor.  One reason why Michelle is attracted to Trevor.  Continue reading The Bet – Day 1