Just a drink

Telling you to get my drink made you happy.  You enjoy pleasing him and if that is something simple as this then you are happy to oblige.   Mixing the whiskey with ginger ale you add a few cubes of ice and hand him the drink.  His face is emotionless.  No sign of approval or not.  “Thank you,” he firmly states.


“I will let you know if I need anything else” as he turns back to the tv and continues to watch it.  You are unsure what to do.  You stand there fidgeting.  Looking at him and then the tv.  You finally decide to sit down beside him.  Placing your hand gently on his leg it rests there as he sips on his drink.  This continues for a time.  You wondering what you are allowed to do as he is enjoying the show.

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Oral discussion

We have known each other for over a year. We meet up, actually the same one that we meet our now quad couple, but with some complications we never had a chance to hook up again. It was only a meet and greet but we really enjoyed the time we spent talking to them.  When the opportunity that we all could get together again we basically all jumped on it. Continue reading Oral discussion


Locking the door I turn around to see my prey. She is only in bra and panties standing there looking at me wondering what I will do next. I smile forms on my lips and I move slowly towards her. She doesn’t move as I approach her.

“You are mine tonight, ” I state firmly,” and I will use you however I please. You have no say on anything. You are here for me to abuse with my mouth, hands and cock.” Continue reading Feverish

Surprised to silence

My mind has been in over drive of late. With my birthday weekend having so many ups and downs and work not helping I have been kind of numb.  Going through the motions. Work sleep and work again.  Jane has been my rock through this.  More so then I knew.  Along with my poly wife and fwb they have all been very supportive.  
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Escape – Female point of view of Do Not Disturb

After Greg posted his story about our time together, I read it over and over (Do not Disturb and Guilty Goodbye).  Not just for the sensuality of the experiences, although they were fun; but because, as the months pass, my memories start to fade.  And my encounter with him was a bit of a turning point for me.  I want to remember.  Not just the physical, but the emotional.  So here is my side of the story.  It’s different from his, less sexually charged; and some of what I write will be contradictory to what he posted.  I already told him that his memories make the better story .  Mine is just girly fluff…

SWEET GUNNAR: She has approved me to have this on my blog, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Do Not Disturb please?

Being away from home has been challenging. More than that, I also found it hard since I have this King size bed and no one to fill it with me. I told my wife Jane before I left that I would be hunting while away. She wished me luck with a smile and a kiss.

Unfortunately I worked like a dog the first week, by the weekend I was bone tired. Plus I was getting horny. The women I have seen down here were very attractive. Even the dating sites (although they do have a problem with roaming from your home town) had some very interesting people. After a long day I settled into my big lonely bed and searched.

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Boost – Part 5

We quickly exchanged numbers so that we can chat some more.  Quick kiss and we went our separate ways.  Still a bit dazed and confused on what just happen I drove home more on auto pilot.  Pulling into the driveway and parking the car I take a deep breath.  Trying not to have perma grin
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Boost – Part 3

As my pants open up my hard cock is straining against my underwear, wanting to be let out.  The woman is working very quickly to free it.  I just met her only an hour ago.  I am not normally picking up woman this way,  or even being picked up by a woman either.  Right now my mind is anticipating how her lips will feel on my cock as I feel it pop free.  The cool air in the car seems to have heightened the sensation as her tongue starts to trace the head around and then down the shaft. Continue reading Boost – Part 3

Boost – Part 2

She smiles and nods, “The Tim Hortons around the corner okay?”

“That works, ” as my smile on my face seems to be a permagrin.  “Lead the way,” as I turn and head back to my car.  My mind is racing over what just happened in the past few minutes.  Pulling my phone out I quickly send a message to Jane saying that I am going out for a coffee.  I know she will ask with who but at this point I don’t even know her name.

Oh?  Who are you going out with? Continue reading Boost – Part 2