Bruised and sore

So this will obviously get a reaction from the few women that I see.  This is something that I have been working on dealing with. I am not kinky, and don’t give a woman pain. I have tried and dabbled when we first entered this world but quickly knew it was not for me.

A few of my women are into kink, including my wife.  It has something that has been part of our life but not part of me.  I am not able to do any of it after trying multiple different things. Don’t get me wrong, I understand a lot after being in the kink lifestyle by association. Long ago I found out that I could not give pain to any woman.  So with that in mind, and then having this whole world opening up to my wife and me it has been a soul searching time for both of us.

Don’t get me wrong.  The journey has been amazing.  We have been blessed to meet so many amazing people.  The lifestyle allows us to explore areas that we are curious about.  This has allowed my wife to find herself.  It also has made some aspects little more difficult.  Me adjusting to her needs that I can’t meet on the kink side. The experiences that we have had I would never take away. And my wife is thriving on kink.  With two gentlemen that are able to apply there skills based on schedules, makes her very happy.  I am fortunate that she has this outlet.  I wouldn’t know how to hit that itch she needs.  

These sessions involve my wife getting torn down in a sense. The term is subspace, which I have never have experienced.  Normally ending up very bruised and sore.  These sessions can last a long time for that release. And with a mostly regular schedule she can get it. Although there are times when things are impromptu. The issue though is that it leaves me in a bit of bind.

When reconnecting after she has had time with her lovers, it has me a bit a loss. My normal actions that I would do are now to hard.  If I am to rough on a body part it hurts her and she tells me, “gentle I am sore.”  So now I have hurt her, and this is something I don’t like. In the past I knew her limits and was able to perform within them.  After her sessions I am a bit lost.  Granted it is not everywhere, but more on spots that are commonly touched during our physical sex. So it has an affect on what I can and cannot do.

I am proud of my wife.  She has opened up and explored a side of her that didn’t exist six years ago.  She has found her true self, and it can only be exposed at certain times with her partner. She doesn’t do this with anyone, with the amount of trust that is required. I mentioned this to my one friend, that she was on the cross at the club, with a fan club gathering to watch. He couldn’t digest it. I was proud of my wife, letting it out with a crowd watching her.

This doesn’t apply only to my wife.  My other gf and poly wife also have kink.  It is a balancing act on knowing what could be painful and what might not. Each has their own flavor, although they are not into the pain play like my wife. They do flogging and other acts of impact play, but my wife is the one that gets off on it. Not normally affected as much they do at times are sensitive on some body parts. The degree is not the same so I am not as lost or frustrated those times.

Don’t get me wrong, I have come home from my weekend away sometime sore. Rare to happen but it has. Although, she was more giggling that my cock was sore. Knowing that we only have a few days seeing each other we do get as much time together. Still it would probably have the same affect that I have experienced.

So there you have it. Kink world is a very interesting lifestyle. There are tears, bruises, exhilaration and sometimes blood. The body may be bruised but the soul is shining bright. That is what I focus on, when I am with my wife after those sessions. She has her fix, something that I can’t provide. I appreciate this from her relationships. Just sometimes having her home after with sensitive areas can make for some awkward giggly moments.

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