Bras are not man’s best friend

Boobs are great to a majority of men. For me I appreciate boobs but don’t go all bubbling idiot if a big pair appears.  Don’t get me wrong I will notice them but I just don’t have that need for a big pair of breasts.  I have never found the need to have a large handful or titty fuck a big pair.  This also leads me to my next topic of discussions.  The confusing, complex and frustrating part of clothing, BRAS.

When I grew up the ultimate goal was to get laid.  This meant that the goal was pussy, at least to me.  I love playing, eating and then fucking the pussy.  It amazed me on how woman reacted when you slide a hand down to it and play.  Since you can’t see the pussy the only thing that was close to it was the ass.  I imagined what the pussy would look like based on the ass.  If the right ass goes by I will be mesmerised as it sings.  One cheek and then the other as it moves in a smooth hypnotic rhythm back and forth.

For those of you that follow my twitter account you would see my taste in pictures.  I am an ass man but I do post boob pics for some of my followers that love them.  I do know a good pair when I see them, but I still love my ass and pussy.  The perfect S is one thing I look for.  If the boobs and ass make that sweet looking S then to me that is perfect looking body.

Every girl I’ve been with I started with the with the boobs, I don’t ignore them.  Feeling them through their shirt.  Squeezing.  Teasing.  Trying to find the nipple through the fabric so that I can play with it.  Removing the shirt helped and back then the bras were not as fancy as now.  I usually popped one out to play and lick, suck and tease the nipple.  Amazing enough it seems that the woman wanted them both played with so the bra just seems to pop right off so that they were both accessible.  I never touched any hook or that confusing contraption that holds them in place.  I basically charmed them off, without using words.  Well okay, I have used words but it was more once the woman was naked from bottom down.  A simple “you are over dressed,” has them pulling the rest of the cloths off including bra quite quickly I might add.

In my lifetime I have removed maybe five bras, which of at least 4 were forced.  My wife was trying to teach me and I have the basics but the damn contraption still baffles me.  Even this past Saturday night I even knew where the clasp was (it was mentioned during the party) and I even tried to exposed those small perfect breasts but gave up quickly since I didn’t want to look like a fool.  I knew a friend once that was able to unhook a bra through a shirt with one hand without the woman even knowing.  Kudos to him but I never learned or tried to figure it out.  I wanted the prize that was lower.

Will this change in the future?  No I will still work my magic and have the woman remove their bra.  Oh I will help them out of their shirt, pants and panties (if they are wearing any) but the bra will stay on until they perform that magic act and it falls away from their breasts exposing one of man’s most popular distractions.  Of course I could command them off as well.  Unless they want the ultimate tease through fabric than the bra will stay on until they decide.  I just don’t want to fight with a piece of fabric and look silly.

So for a new challenge, how about leaving the bra on.  Tease them through the bra.  Pop one out to see the nipple and tease it.  Just don’t make any attempt to remove them.  You might be surprised that once that breaking point is reached with the woman wanting her breasts played with it the bra will just pop right off with no effort from you. 🙂

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