Boost – Part 5

We quickly exchanged numbers so that we can chat some more.  Quick kiss and we went our separate ways.  Still a bit dazed and confused on what just happen I drove home more on auto pilot.  Pulling into the driveway and parking the car I take a deep breath.  Trying not to have perma grin

is not an easy task as I head into the house.  Both dogs greeted me at the door as I looked to see my boys in the living on the xbox.  Peaking around the corner I see my wife, smiling at me.

Taking off my winter boots and jacket I navigate around the dogs and sit down beside my wife.  “Have fun?” she questioned with a sly smile on her face.

The perma grin almost became permanent as I looked at her, “Yep.”

“I’m glad,” as she leans over to kiss me.  “I do hope you have energy for me?”

“Well you can check and see,” as I winked and looked at my crotch.

“Oh I plan too,” as she gets up from the couch.  “We going downstairs,” she questions with a smile on your face.

My wife over the past few years has been more open about her feelings, and the look that I got was basically,”FUCK ME!”  Nodding I get up from the couch and head downstairs as both dogs race ahead to beat me down the stairs.  Reaching the bottom I call out “XBOX ON” and hear the familiar sound of the tv, receiver and xbox powering on.  Moving behind the bar I grab a glass and find my bottle of whiskey as I pour a shot and add some ice.  Sitting down on the couch I notice Jane is not far behind me as she has filled up a glass of wine.

Calling out the commands to the xbox was way easier then moving to find the remote.  Once I arrived on the media streaming application I found a recent show we haven’t watched turned it on.  Jane is on her phone, typing away to someone, and I settle in to relax for a bit.  My phone goes off and it is my poly wife.  Flipping to the message I chuckle and send a response back.  Jane looks over at me, “Lexxi?”  I nod and smile.

Over the course of the show we both chatted with our mutual friends.  Sometimes in group chat or private.  I was asked about details regarding my night.  The show ends and I look to find another one.  Jane has finished her wine and has now snuggled into me, her hands dancing around my thighs lightly.  I wrap my arm around her and enjoy the feeling as the show I just put on starts up.  Not to long after our youngest comes down to say good night.  As he gives us a both a hug and heads up stairs I hear Jane whisper, “one down.”

Grinning I squeeze her tit and a moan escapes her lips.  Massaging it for a few seconds and then returning my hand to her shoulder.  I can almost hear her pouting without making a sound.  Slight grin comes across my face as I turn my attention back to the TV.

Couple shows later and we still hear the xbox on upstairs, so I head upstairs to have a chat with my oldest.  Within a few minutes he is heading to bed.  Returning downstairs to see my wife naked, on the couch spread eagle.  “Eat me,” she says.  Grinning like a school boy I beeline for her pussy.  My face gets close to her sweet nectar as I my tongue slips out and traces a trail along the inner thigh.  She whimpers a bit as I make my way up to her wet lips and then skip over them.  Continuing down the other side of her thigh I make a snail trail with my tongue, as she slight squirms from the sensation.

“I said eat me,” she exclaims.

“Oh I heard you,” as I lift my face up and look directly into her eyes.  “I will get there when I feel it is the right time.  And if you are good you will get my cock too.”

The look on her face was priceless.  Mixture of excitement and defiance.  She wants it but she new she had to listen.  Biting her bottom lip she nods and closes her eyes.  I look at her sexy pussy and decide it can wait a bit longer.  Sliding up her body my mouth finds her nipple, or more her peircing.  Flicking and teething it I pull and stretch her nipple as she groans with each action.  My hand reaches up and finds her other nipple as I tweak it between my fingers.  Applying more and more pressure she shifts from the pleasure and gets louder.

My cock is growing and brushing against her pussy makes her grind her hips into me.  I pull away a bit so that it is not touching her and she whimpers.  “Not yet,” I whisper as my mouth traces a path to her other nipple as I teeth it and stretch it as far as it will go.  Her gasps and groans are getting louder with each pull.  Sliding down from her nipple to her pussy I bury my face and she lets out a cry of pleasure as my tongue finds her clit.  Sucking and flicking it I work on teasing her piercing.

Her legs open wider so I can gain full access to her nectar.  My finger slides up along her thigh and slips inside her wet hole.  Slowly and deeply I finger fuck her as play with her clit.  Sucking and pulling my finger continues to deeply massage her hole as I keep hitting the sweet spot.  Each time she gets louder as it hits it, building up the release that will surely come if I keep doing this.  After another few thrusts I sit up and look her.  The lust that has built up in her eyes is mesmerizing, and I know she wants something besides fingers in her pussy.  Quickly I remove my pants and under and move into position.  She wraps her legs around me as my cock slips along her wet lips looking for her hole.  With a smooth thrust is fills her up, and she gasps and wraps her arms around me as her hips buck, trying to get it deeper and fucking me at the same time.

I pound her hard.  My cock working like a well greased piston as it goes in and out of her.  The sounds of flesh smacking each other with each long hard deep thrust.  Crying out with every thrust she exclaims, “Right there. Don’t stop, FUCK ME!”  Her pussy is hungry and wants more and more as I continue to pounding my hard cock into her.  Bracing myself on my hands I go into auto pilot and just focus on getting her to cum.  Wanting to see her expression as she explodes from an orgasm.

Within minutes she has reached that point as she tenses up and lets out a loud wail.  Convulsing with after tremors she whimpers and moans as I continue to slowly fuck her.  I bury it in deep and hold it there, feeling it hit her g-spot as she grabs on and holds me as another minor orgasm hits her.  Leaning down I kiss her forehead as I slowly pull my cock out.  “Did you cum, ” she asks.

“No, was focused on you.”

“Well we can’t have that, now can we.”  She shifts position and takes my cock in her hand and strokes it.  The head popping out from the foreskin with each stroke.  Leaning down she teases the tip with her tongue, flicking it with each stroke.  Groaning from the sensation my hand grabs a fist full of hair and pushes her down, and she takes it all in one smooth motion.  Gasping, I pull her to the tip and then push her head down and bury my cock into her mouth.  She resists, she is not good at deep throating, and she tells me that she is trying to get better at it.  So horny I don’t care if she can or not.  I just want my cock to fill her mouth.  Over and over again I do this, forcing her to take it all, each time she is resisting.

My balls are filling up with tension and I know they will explode soon, so I change my tactic and make focus her mouth on the head of my cock.  Up and down I move her head, she is groaning with pleasure as she feels me getting close.  Her other hand cups my balls gently and squeezes, trying to encourage them to release their load.  Not holding back I let out a loud groan, releasing my load into her mouth.  She sucks it down, sucking and stroking my cock, milking it so nothing is left.  My hands fall to my side, totally spent from the intense orgasm she just gave me.  Smiling I look down as she finishes cleaning my cock off.  She slides up to kiss me and we tongue wrestle briefly and then cuddle up together are arms wrapped around each another.

“Well that was hot, and don’t think my legs will move right now, ” as I shift my body a bit.

Smiling, “I am the same.”

Holding each other in our arms, we go silent as the after glow takes hold.  I love this woman, who lets me explore outside of our marriage, but still knows me so intimately.  As much as I enjoy other woman, she completes me in every way.  My eyes close and I snuggle in closer as I wait for my legs to gain some functionality in them.  My phone chirps as another new message comes in.  Smiling briefly, I know that it is probably the new girl, but it can wait.  I am with my wife, my first and only.  All others can wait, for now.



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