Boost – Part 3

As my pants open up my hard cock is straining against my underwear, wanting to be let out.  The woman is working very quickly to free it.  I just met her only an hour ago.  I am not normally picking up woman this way,  or even being picked up by a woman either.  Right now my mind is anticipating how her lips will feel on my cock as I feel it pop free.  The cool air in the car seems to have heightened the sensation as her tongue starts to trace the head around and then down the shaft.

She expertly takes her time and examines my cock with her tongue.  Top to bottom with her tongue and back to the top.  Teasing the tip with small circles around it.  I groan as she found my sensitive spot.  My hand reaches for her head and grabs a fist full of hair.  She lets out a slight groan as I feel her mouth open up and engulf my cock.  She takes it all without hesitating.  My hand help guides her head right to the bottom as I push it down.  Closing my eyes I enjoy the sensation.

Her oral skills are impressive.  Having a few, okay a lot, of blow jobs from different woman over the past few years I found each one has their own way of approaching it.  This lady is wanting my cock.  She takes if fully and bobs up and down like she is fucking it.  Fucking her mouth with my cock, my hand let’s go of her head, she is in complete control.  Although at this pace if she hits the right spot enough times she might be getting a load in her mouth.

“Damn you suck cock great,” I exclaim.  This almost seems to make her double her effort and I let out another loud groan.  She found what works and is starting to get me to go over the edge.  I don’t want to blow so fast so I pull her head off, with some resistance I might add.  Pulling her head to mine I kiss her.  “If you kept going you would have gotten a surprise, and I am not ready for that yet.”

“What are you ready for then?” she asks.

Kissing her again my other hands slides up her skirt and finds her soaked pussy.  “I was thinking that I needed to taste you.”  My mouth kisses her neck, moving lower as she leans back, anticipating my mouth meeting her pussy.  I tease a nipple through her dress, fully erect so I noticed it very easily.  Continuing to my goal I realized that it will take a bit of magic to be able to easily get to it.  Thinking maybe the back seat would be easier but will see what I can do here.

Getting on my knees on my seat I can now bury my head lower.  She grabs the back of my head and pushes me down not wanting to wait any more.  My tongue flicks out and tastes her sweet juices.  She opens her legs as much as she can so I can gain full access to her pussy.  Tongue searching and finding her clit I begin there.  Sucking it up and then flicking it with my tongue.  She arches her back a bit and it pops out of mouth with the shifting of position.

Not wanting to lose the sensitive clit, my tongue flicks back and forth over it.  Her breathing quickens and I continue my attention on it.  With the position I am in there is no way to get my hands to help.  Thinking that if we really want to continue, along with actually fucking the back seat will be the best option.  She starts to whimper and I double my efforts.  Wanting her to cum and with no fingers to assist I work hard on her clit.  Faster and harder, licking and circling it anything to get her over the edge.  Her hands reach down to my head and hold it in place as I continue.  Shortly after she releases, she lets out a whimpering groan and tenses up, her whole body rigid.  Not wanting to stop I try to keep the focus on her clit but with her arching again it is just out of my reach.  She releases my head and starts to relax.

I move up to her mouth and kiss her.  She kisses back and we tongue war for a few seconds.  Pulling away she looks at me, “I haven’t cummed like that in a very long time.  Thank you.”

“You are welcome.  I would have liked to do more but with the position kind of limited access.”

She glances to the back seat.  “Not much room there with the car seat,” then motions with her head towards my car.  “Maybe you have more room in your car?”

“Oh I think we can arrange that, but to be clear.  If we go to my car I will fuck you.”  I didn’t’ want any confusion on what I wanted.  It has happened in the past with awkward results.

“I am planning on it,” she replies with a big smile.

Looking at the windows which are completely fogged up now.  I have no idea on how busy the parking lot is.  I know that people are not completely ignorant of windows being fogged up but I do hope no one comes to investigate.  I quickly stuff my hard cock back into my pants and do them up.  Smiling at her I open the door and the cold air hits us like a brick wall.  “Damn is it cold out,” I think to myself.

I glance back and I see her pulling her dress back down and putting her coat back on.  I pull my keys out and unlock my car as I slide out of her’s.  Standing up I glance around to see that the parking lot is actually quiet.  Only a few cars, and from what I can see through the store windows there are a few people sitting having coffee but not facing our direction.

I hear her shut her door so I close her door as well and open mine.  I pull the seat forward and let her go in first.  It is a tight fit.  I have done it in the car twice before so it is possible.  Not my first choice but if there is a need there is a will to find a way.  I pile in behind her and close the door.  The car is cold so and I pull her in close to kiss her again.  She wraps her arms around me and kisses me back.  Continuing where we left off my hand slips lower, looking for her wet pussy.  Opening her legs a bit she lets me find it.  She groans into my mouth as touching her sensitive clit sends shivers through her body.  I lean her back and move my head straight for it.

Like before I attack the clit, licking and sucking it.  She is moaning from the sensations that my tongue it doing to her.  I let a finger slip into her pussy, so tight and wet.  She almost hits the roof of the car as it buries deep into her and hitting her g-spot.  Massaging it and continuing the attention on her clit she is squirming.  Hearing her breathing become more rapid I continue my onslaught.  Wanting her to cum hard.  This time it didn’t take to long and she lets out a loud groan.  Arching her back into an awkward position as she rides the wave of pleasure.  Slowing down I let her compose her self.  She is breathing hard.  Her eyes are close with a slight smile on her face.

Opening them she looks right at me.  “FUCK ME, ” she pleads.  “I want to feel you inside me.  Please, get a condom and fuck me.  You do have a condom don’t you?”

to be continued >>>



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