Boost – Part 2

She smiles and nods, “The Tim Hortons around the corner okay?”

“That works, ” as my smile on my face seems to be a permagrin.  “Lead the way,” as I turn and head back to my car.  My mind is racing over what just happened in the past few minutes.  Pulling my phone out I quickly send a message to Jane saying that I am going out for a coffee.  I know she will ask with who but at this point I don’t even know her name.

Oh?  Who are you going out with?

Well a girl I just met, don’t know her name yet.

Lol okay have fun

Starting the car up I see her pull away and head off to Tim Hortons.  The drive is not to long and I barely have time to figure out what might happen as we pull into the driveway of the store.  Looking for a decent place to park, more at the back of the parking lot, she moves to go through the drive through.  “Interesting, ” I mumble to myself as I follow her lead and do the same.

A few minutes later I have my order and noticed that she headed back to the parking so I went to find her.  After turning the corner I notice her car parked at the very back of the parking lot.  Pulling up beside her I roll down my window and smile.  She smiles back and rolls down her window, “Want to join me?”

“Would love to, ” as I turn off my car and get out making my way to her passenger side.  Quickly hopping into the car I notice that it is clean.  Definitely cleaner than my car, although there was a car seat in the back.  She noticed my glance at the car seat, “I have two, girl and boy?  And you?”

“Just two boys.”  awkward silence fell over us.  Not sure how to approach the subject on our situation she spoke first.

“I am currently separated.  For over a month now. ”  She looks down at her coffee, “and I don’t normally do this.”

“Buy coffee?” I jokingly state.

She giggles, “No.  Wait for someone and picking them up.”  She shifts a bit in her seat, “So are you separated too?”

My mind is never fully prepared for this.  The question on my status, since most woman seem to run at the thought of me being married and allowed to have other woman.  “I was wondering when you would get to that.”  I pause for a second.  “I am married, have a poly wife and also have a few friends with benefits.  Basically in an open relationship, that allows me to experience other woman as it happens.”

If the silence was awkward a bit earlier it was very awkward now.  I can almost see her kicking me out of the car.  She sips her coffee, pondering what I just said.  “So you are allowed to be with other woman?”  She shifts again in her seat.

“Yes, and she knows I am out having a coffee now.”

She looks at me with shock, “She knows you are out right now?”

“Yes.”  I put my coffee down and turn a bit in the car to look at her.  “I know that you were not expecting this, and will leave if you want.  Just so you know, I don’t want too.  You are sexy and I would really like to get to know you better.”

The internal struggle is visible on her face.  Wanting to proceed and also horrified that some woman would let her man out to have sex with another woman.  The battle seem to play out on her face for only a few seconds.  She took a deep breath and then put her coffee down as well.  She then slowly took off her coat.  She was in a very sleek dress, accenting her perfect tits.  Not to much but more then enough to stand out.  She tossed the coat to the back seat.  “There, it was getting a bit too hot in here.”

Surprised by the sudden change in personality, I proceeded to remove my jacket.  Her eyes moved up and down my body as I tossed the coat along with her’s.  “I agree, it is a bit warm in here.”

I suck at the first move.  I never know what to do, but for the first time I am pretty sure she wants something to happen.  Removing her coat is a pretty obvious sign.  Moving a bit closer I lean in towards her, and she does the same.  Our lips touch softly and we kiss.  Gently at first and then more passionately with our tongues touch and dancing around.

My hands move up and circle around her, pulling her close.  I slide down her neck and tease it, kissing and nibbling.  She lets out a quiet groan as I continue my attention to her neck.  Her hands move along my body, feeling my muscles on my arms and then down my side.  I let out a sigh as my attention focuses on the other side of her neck.  Her breathing starts to get a little faster.  As my hand gently finds her breast I start to focus on it, searching for the nipple.  She sighs and her hands slides up my chest and teases my nipple.

I kiss her again as her lips open and let me find her tongue again.  My hand squeezing her breast now, massaging it.  Moving to the other one I continue the attention through her cloths, wishing they were not on.  Pulling her as close as I can in the car I kiss her hard.  Tongues fighting there own battle, we separate for a second and look at each other.  My hand begins to slide lower as does hers.  Reaching her love nest my hand can feel her heat through her dress.  Knowing easy access is right there I start to pull the dress up slowly, and she bites her lip with anticipation.

By this time the car windows have fogged up and I don’t think about anyone seeing from the outside.  I can feel her hand getting closer to my hard cock.  Wearing jeans there is no tent visible but no mistake about the bulge that is in my pants.  Her fingers reach the head and I let out a sigh as I finished hiking her dress up to expose her bare legs.  Travelling up her thigh I trace a route right to her pussy.  Like a missile locked onto a heat source it finds its target and feels how wet she is.  She lets out a loud sigh as my fingers part her labia and slide up to find her clit.  She is groaning slightly as her hand starts to rub my hard cock through my pants.

She looks at me, “I think we need to free you as well.”

Silly grin on my face as I continue to tease her clit, her mouth contorting with pleasure. “Yes, it is a bit tight in my pants right now.

As my belt pops open with her expert hands my mind is racing.  I have no idea where this is leading but I am sure enjoying it so far.

to be continued >>>



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