Boost – Part 1

Leaving work late that day was not my plan.  The project I have been assigned to has been running behind and playing catchup is not fun.  Having been working late the past month pretty much every day.  This leaves little time for coffee dates, let along my xbox to relieve the stress from work.  Jane has been a little frustrated as well since being tired and not really in the mood all the time has added more stress.

The highlight of my night was the unexpected scenery at work.  Seems that another department  was having there Christmas Party and work function.  Felt under dressed with the amount of skirts and suits milling around.  Wearing jeans the last few weeks with the amount of computers being lugged around.  So seeing all the dressed up woman kind of had me distracted.  Lingering along the hallways or finding ways to move near them became priority.

As I passed the guard room I waved good night and they waved back.  Opening the door the cool air hit me and I quickly do up my coat to avoid the wind.  The weather of late has been between spring, fall and winter.  Each day is like a new season, although not great with the amount of rain and snow that has come down off and on.  Walking briskly to my car I hit the remote starter and see the lights flip on and the engine turn over.   With another button press the doors unlock and I quickly hop into the drivers seat.

As the car is warming up I take my phone out quickly to see if I missed any messages.  It has been unusually quiet today, with my few friends with benefits not to chatty.  I was pretty busy so will text them when I get home to see how their day was.  Putting the phone down I start to navigate out of the parking lot.  Getting to the gate I swipe my access and the bar raises as I leave to head home.  Thinking that I should get gas on the way home I turn right instead of my normal route.

As my phone goes off with a message I turn the corner and look up to see a car with their hazards on.  This road is not a through way so not really busy in evenings.  Normally I don’t stop but considering that it is right near my work I decided to see if I can offer assistance.  Pulling up behind the car I place it park, engine running to home warm up the cab and get out to see if anyone is here.

Walking up to the driver side door I see a phone reflection in the driver’s seat, so I knock on the window.  The door opens and a woman’s face looks up at me, “Hi, do you think you can give me a hand?”

“Well I can try, what seems to be the problem?”

She slides out of her driver seat and I see a flash of exposed leg not covered by her long jacket.  Closing the door behind her she begins to explain what happened.  Honestly I don’t recall specifically what she said since I was focused on her perfect lips and her flowing blond hair.  She finishes and waits for me to respond.

“From the sounds of it you might need a boost, although if you can’t travel far and it dies then I would say it is the alternator,” I glance at the hood that is closed, “Can you try to start it again?”

She hesitates as a flash of uncertainty crosses her face and then disappears.  She smiles and says “sure,” and slips into the driver seat again as I get another quick flash of her sexy legs.  The engine starts on the first try and she has a big smile on her face.  “Well look at that, ” she says.  “Seems that you have brought some good luck.”

My mind is curious as to how the car could start with non power supposedly, let along the hazards flashing.  “Yes it seems I did.  Where are you coming from?”

“Work Christmas function, actually right around the corner,” as she gets out of the car and stands beside me, a little closer then before.

“Oh,” as I start to think back to the woman that were at the party and see if I can recall her.  “I just left there actually, I don’t recall seeing you.”

Smiling she looks at me and says, “Was busy with getting the presentation ready,” and then her hands moves to touch my arm,”but you did stop by with another gentleman briefly while I was getting things ready.”

My mind snaps to that point tonight and I recall seeing a very attractive blond working, but she never turned around.  I did admire her ass since the dress she wore hugged it just right to accent it.  Nodding I smiled back, “I do recall a woman in the room, although I didn’t see her face.  Was that you?”

She smiles and moves a bit closer, “Yes and I was hoping to see you again.”  Her other hand reaches up and brushes her long blond hair back over her shoulder.  Smiling she has the look of hunger in her face.

“So your car never had a problem?” I questioned.  Yes I am a little slow but then again I never have been hit on this directly before.

Nodding she smiled again as her eyes locked on to mine.  I couldn’t look away as she moves closer.  Her eyes seem to have me in a trance as I feel her move in for a kiss.  Our lips touched and she gently kisses me as my mouth opens slightly and my tongue slips out to search for hers.  Pulling her in close to me I wrap my arms around her.  She kisses back and we tongue wrestle for a few seconds and then untangle ourselves from each other arms.

“I hope you don’t mind,” as she brushes her hair back again away from her face.  “I wanted to do that since I saw you tonight.”

Blushing slightly, although the cold air might have hidden it I smiled.  “Well I am glad you did.”  Looking up and down the road, “So what are your thoughts now, do you have to leave?”

Pulling her phone out she looks at the time, “I have a little time if you want to go for a coffee?”

“I would like that, ” as I pull her in to me again and stealing another quick kiss.  “I will follow you.”


>>> to be continued.



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