Birthday and new friends

I swear the birthdays just don’t seem to end. Since March it seems someone always has a birth around the corner. This time it is Lexxi’s turn and Bob had made arrangements for some of their friends to come over to celebrate it.

Krystalla informed me that they were friends they have met through different meet ups in local area. I have heard about them during our chats about the meet ups and what they experienced at them. I was a little excited. Well more than a little.  Meeting like mind people in the lifestyle is a lot of fun. Plus you get to hear about other experiences.

The only concern I had was the dogs. Mine are overly friendly and I always get nervous when they are introduce to other people. You don’t always know how they will react with an 80 lb dog is jumping up to see their face.  When the first couple arrived it wasn’t to bad. Actually it went pretty well once we had my dog under control. Once the greetings were done with the dogs and ourselves, we settled in while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. We started talking and it was not long before others showed up. The dogs were extremely good and I was proud that they didn’t get overly excited. Actually mine kept going around the table saying hi to everyone looking for attention throughout the evening.  Isn’t there a saying about owners and dogs having the same personality?

As the evening went on I got to see more of the dynamics of the group. Who each other was with but also the inter relationships as well. I worked hard on trying to remember all their names since that is my biggest hurdle in a group environment. Even with the alcohol flowing I did a good job of remembering them even after a night of sleep.  Talking to all of them at some point about the lifestyle helped me get a good understanding on each of them.

Bob introducded me to a new whiskey that night.  I really thought he had more of it but it appears that I was the primary one ensuring the soldier was taken care of.  Using mix I was hoping it would balance out my intake.  Really didn’t work and by the end of the night I was feeling no pain. And very friendly as well. I still unsure how but at one point had my hands wrapped one of the ladies. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Careless flirting but I did the impression that there was interest.

Oh I flirted with the other ladies a bit as well.  Have to spread it around ya know.  It was a great evening and being with like mind people is liberating. Nothing to hide and plus you get to hear about things you wouldn’t normally expect. Not expecting anything that evening and it came out that I made new friends.  Couldn’t ask for much more than that.

The following day I got a friend request on  I rarely go on the site but lately I have gone back to it a few times. I am not a kinkster but I am learning more about my bedroom habits and how it applies to me as well as the woman. Seeing how active everyone else is from the quad on there I decided to update my profile and look at adding more pictures.  Once I confirmed with quad who this was I got a little excited. It was the lady that I was snuggling with the night before.

We chatted off and on through out the day. Since we were going to a photoshoot that was a few hours away I had a bit of time to kill.  I enjoyed talking to her last night and the chit chat that we did during the morning was relaxed.  So much easier to do when the conversation is easy.  Don’t like to have to fight in getting someone to talk, takes to much effort and I don’t really have the time for it.

It was nice to have another person that I can pick their brain about kink. She has done a lot of different things and having another outlet to discuss with gives me more knowledge. Throughout the day I had more of the ladies that I met the night before adding me as friends. Of courese I had to go through and review the pictures that are on there. Even commented on a few too.  I also asked Bob on all the relationships of the couples last night.  Some were obvious but I wanted to know more.

The shoot was long but productive.  As much as I was there for support and helping, I did offer a few suggestions.  Even have a couple of comedy pics that were taken.  On the way back I chatted a bit more with my new friend and into the evening before we went out again.  Krystalla was going to have a session with Bob and as much as I enjoy hearing my wife getting off it is easier if we are not in the same house during this activity.  The movies was the plan but that evening my new friend asked if we wanted to hang there since she was doing nothing that evening.  Thinking that would be a better idea, along with I can get to know her better we planned on doing that. I have no idea on how long Bob will be taking advantage of Krystalla but hopefully she gets a good fix in while we were out.

For me it is good to have Krystalla with two different doms. It allows her to explore this area that I can’t. I guess that is another reason I am enjoying discussing things with this other woman. It provides new insight and with that I can process more about this other world. After the short discussions that I have had it is a very large world with so many different avenues.  I knew that there was a lot of things that are explored but didn’t realize just how much.  Heck evening after doing the BDSM test and creating my fetlife profile it is still surprising on how much is out there.  Even after talking more about it that evening I still do not see me pursuing much further into that area.  Although there might have been one thing that perked my interest.  Who knows, maybe one of the points she brought up I might try?2015-05-18 20.44.42-1

Normally I was going to end the story here, but on the way home on Monday I got a text from my new friend.  She had posted a picture on fetlife and sent me a direct link.  After opening it up, which by the way don’t be connected to Tim Hortons wifi when doing this it will block fetlife, she had posted a picture of fishnets.  Not sure if I blushed when I saw it, since I knew why she did this.  She found out that I have weakness for fishnets, unlike Bob who is more into the knee high socks.  Swearing that I will get her back I giggled to myself as my mind spent the next few hours on what I could do.

I sent her the picture later that evening which had the effect I wanted.  I think you can see why she liked it since it is in this blog.  I can be a tease too, which it seems she is learning.  Going to be fun although I keep seeming to find ladies who are not local.  Think that is going to be the biggest tease of all.

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