Alone with my thoughts

So my first week away from my family.  It has been a bit weird.  No data connection has made me squirrely the first day with my friends not able to chat.  After a few days we sorted it out with the evenings being a bit hard since I worked so late every night.  Think the hardest part is that I am attached at the hip with my co-workers.  They are not aware of my lifestyle, and even with subtle hints they have not asked questions.

So here I am, alone in my king size bed.  Having some whiskey and typing away as I wonder how hard my wife is getting fucked.  Oh and also how my poly wife is doing on her date.  Funny how both husbands are home alone.  It is good for my wife though, I have had a few dates when she has been away so it is only fair she has the experience too.

Of course I have a few girls who wanted me around this weekend.  Always the way, when you aren’t available they seem to be available.  Not that I am arguing, more that timing has really sucked these past few weeks with my fwb.  My new one, who has come back after a few months away is ready to go but her timing has just been off.  Good to know that I have something waiting for me at home, along with my sexy wife, but little frustrating that I am in a city with hotel room for two weeks and no one to help break the bed in.

I have tried the few dating apps on my phone and no real success.  Trying to be the good guy and not talk to anyone who wants a relationship, and just ones that want some fun is not easy to find.  Well that goes with back home too, but still I am a decent guy and not going to do the mind games just to get laid.  Funny how I am more respectful of woman after I am married since when I was single I was a little more devious.  Maybe I have matured or just don’t have the energy to be fake.  Either way I suspect that if I am to find anyone it will be at the 9th hour and I will be on my to the airport.  Just my type of luck.

As it stands I will have my drink, watch a bit more tv on my tablet and then see if I got any messages.  My mind keeps wandering back to last Saturday night.  For those of you who missed the twitter highlights a group of us went out to the club.  Adult club as you would expect.  Lots of fun actually as I have found out that a group going to the club is more fun then a just ourselves.  The rack was used and I got laid for my first time at a club.  I still have to get used to the noise and attention (was watched for some of my fucking) but it was fun.  Looking forward to doing it again soon with our close friends.

I could babble on more about me sitting here and typing, but I think my tablet is calling me for tv and another drink.  With that I am going to sign off and see if I have any messages on my phone.  For those ladies who want a taste of Canadian beef, drop me a line.  You only have a few days more while I am in Chicago before I fly back home.  Maybe if you are lucky we could meet and have a drink or two.  I am self promoting it but hey, can’t hurt.  Not like I have a neon sign in my window, although that isn’t a bad idea either.


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    1. yes, this was the day before we started chatting. So glad that you responded to my message that day.

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